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AtoN Engineering and Sustainability (ENG) Committee 10 to 14 October, 2016

Two of MENAS Maritime Operations Centre employees; Mr. Shaheen Mirza, Senior Project Engineer and Mr. Jaffer Al-Mutawa, Project Engineer, attended the fifth meeting of the ENG Committee (ENG5) which was held from 10th to 14th October 2016 at the IALA Headquarters. The session was attended by 60 participants from 27 countries, of which 36 were National Members, 13 were Industrial Members, 9 were Associate Members, 2 were observers. Eight members attended for the first time.

The Committee considered 105 input papers and produced 24 output documents and 22 working papers including 5 revised Academy model courses.

The revision of IALA Documents to comply with the IALA Strategy continued, with the completion of a new guideline on selection of rhythmic characters and synchronisation of lights for AtoN; development of a new guideline on commissioning and with revision of two further guideline documents and one recommendation document. Proposals were also submitted that two guidelines be revoked.