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IALA Workshop on AIS AtoN (real & virtual) - Seoul, Republic of Korea

Two of MENAS' Engineers; Mr. Abbas Busheihri, Senior Project Engineer and Jaffer Almutawa, Project Engineer, participated in an IALA Workshop on AIS AtoN (real and virtual) developments and their uses. The event was hosted by the Korea Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries in Seoul, Republic of Korea and ran from 19 to 21 October 2016.

The workshop was structured with presentations on relevant topics on the first day followed by working

group sessions on day two. Output work was reviewed and conclusions were agreed on the final day.

The workshop generated seven conclusions:

  1. In addition to management level co-operation with IHO, there is a compelling need for the establishment of a work channel between IALA and IHO as a permanent arrangement.
  2. There is a compelling need to inform mariners that deselecting AIS AtoN information on ECDIS navigation displays may compromise the safety of navigation.
  3. A comprehensive review of all AIS documentation and consolidation into a single suite of documents similar to other IALA documents (e.g. E200 series on marine signal lights) is necessary.
  4. There is an ongoing need for regular cross-discipline collaboration in and between committees for the effective development of technologies such as VDES.
  5. Security issues should be taken into account in the wider development of VDES and other new technologies.
  6. Further revision and development is required with regard to the operational aspects of AIS AtoN.
  7. There is a compelling need for IALA and ITU National Members to collaborate on the development of VDES.

The output was forwarded to the ARM Committee (ARM5) and the ENAV Committee for further development and consideration and to the IALA Council to note.